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Working as a makeup artist in the industry for over 13 years, Kristina is driven by her ambition and a love for her craft. Kristina graduated from the Seattle Art Institute with a degree in fashion design, as well as Award Studio, certifying herself as a professional makeup artist in media, photography, catalog, weddings, and special events. She has also studied and worked with many well known names in the industry such as National Artistic Director Ross Burton, National Makeup Artist Darais, Media Makeup Artist Klexius Kolby, and Media Makeup Artist and Photographer Amy Ward. Starting off her career as a Regional Makeup Artist for Lancôme cosmetics, Kristina has now emerged as professional freelance artist working in the Seattle and Los Angeles area. Inspired by each face she comes by Kristina believes that makeup is a form of expression pulling the beauty you feel inside out for the world to see. The face is her canvas hoping she can paint the world beautiful, one face at a time.

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